Tuesday, April 13, 2010

to blog or not to blog

that is the question.

seems lately there's a lot to say. i've never been good a journaling, but maybe this electronic thing could work.

so you may be wondering about the title of my blog.

6 years ago--has it been that long--i was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Dr. Sylvia Awadalla, my neurologist extrordinare, sent me to Dr. Keith, neurosurgeon extraordinare. Dr. Keith is no McDreamy. He's as specific and dry as one would expect a neurosurgeon to be.

in my three weeks of interaction with him he only cracked a smile once. yes, once. as i was being released from the hospital after a series of MRIs, a cage screwed into my head, more MRIs, an awake bioppsy of the right motor cortex of my brain and an extended stay in the iCU, i asked Dr. Keith about the hole in my head. he had told me that the hole they had drilled in my skull would not grow back, it would remain a hole.

i asked him if when i leaned over grey matter would fall out. well it worked. ee smiled a real smile as he assured me my grey matter would stay put.

it's been six years since my diagnosis of a "demyelating lesion in my right motor cortex." it's been 4 1/2 since my last seizure.

it's good to be alive. it's good to be fully functional on my left side.

it's good to see my children's many milestones: moo walking, sawyer racing his bike, sarah starting high school. it's good to know i will see many more.

Life is Good!


  1. Yeah for you - welcome to blogging! I can't believe its been six years either. Holy moly, prayers answered!

  2. thanks for the inspiration, julie!

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging. It will suck up just as much time as Facebook!

  4. I knew you were extra special! Keep inspiring the rest of us mere mortals.

  5. welcome to the blogging family, Pat! all this happened right before we met, but gosh! i'm glad you are well & happy. with a hole in your head.

  6. has it really been six years since all that business? to me it seems longer ago than that... I was still in high school then! you were (and still are) so strong and steady dealing with the trauma, though - quite inspiring, really.