Sunday, January 5, 2014

my year to fly

i generally don't remember my dreams, but this one was amazing and remembering it is a gift.

it's snowmaggedden here in st. louis. everything is shut down because of the snow and extreme cold.

in my dream i stepped outside to see the snow and was surprised to find just a light dusting on the ground. walking out into the yard for a better look, i quickly found out why: the wind had blown it all away.

this unbelievable wind picked me up and carried me away, up over the city. but not our city. i was in dallas--flying over a city i know, but don't know because i haven't lived there in such a long time.

this feeling of flying was beyond anything i've ever experienced. no fear, no concern, just freedom and lightness. i wasn't cold, even though it was winter and snowing. i wasn't scared even though i didn't know where i was and the wind was blowing me aimlessly around.

at some point i realized i could actually steer myself. i found my way back to my neighborhood and back to my home. then i woke up.

i wonder why i didn't go exploring. i wonder why i didn't take the long way around. maybe i just needed to make sure i could get home and i was going to go back out flying again later. i don't know.

i think 2014 will be my year to fly. i don't know exactly what that means. i'll figure that out as i go along. 

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