Sunday, January 2, 2011

friday five

i follow a blog called RevGalBlogPals. every friday they pose a question. it's called the "friday five."

i'm not one for resolutions. resolutions don't work for me. they add pressure to my life and make me feel depressed when i can't meet my goal. but i do think about things i hope for and will strive for in the coming year.

last week's friday five posed the following question:

For all of us, there have been challenges and questions and there have been blessings and--maybe even an answer or two! As we say our goodbyes to 2010 and look towards 2011, share with us five blessings from 2010 along with five hopes or dreams for 2011.

so here is my friday five:

5 blessings from 2010:
1. i made it through January without incident. for those of you who have known me for a while, you know that we fear January around here.
2. my children are happy and healthy. chris is happy and healthy. my marriage is great. i have a job i love. (i think i may may be cheating putting, all of these in the same line.)
3. i started blogging, even if sporadically. i've never been able to journal. this has been an interesting experience.
4. i ran to half-marathons. getting to spend time with my sister for one of them was the best!
5. i made some really wonderful new friends, and reconnected with old ones.

now, hopes and dreams for 2011

1. make it through January without incident.
2. be a better support for chris. he does so much an i do so little. he deserves more from me.
3. try to live in balance. calm is my goal emotion for 2011. i think this will make me a better mom and wife.
4. dust. i hate dusting but it needs to be done. i know, frivolous and maybe a waste of a hope, but there it is.
5. be the best possible mom i can be for my wonderful children.

so there it is. my top 5 hopes and dreams for 2011.

5 seems like too few. so here are some more.

make a real difference with my job.
get on my bike and in my running shoes. the second of those two is more likely to happen. the bike intimidates me.

so what would your answers to the friday five be?
happy new year!

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  1. My Friday Five:

    Blessings from 2010 ...

    1. Not in chronological order, but one of our biggest 2010 blessings ... a new daughter-in-law. =) Two days before our 2tgh wedding anniversary, our oldest son and his beautiful (inside AND out) fiancee were married in the same church where we were married 25 years ago. It was surreal. And it was beautiful. And we are blessed enough in that one to take up five, but I'll try for four more. ;o)

    2. My husband got a new job with the same agency for which he has worked for ... yep ... 25 years. It's a promotion, but he had to apply and interview for it. It has been a little challenging for all of us to make the adjustments necessary, but he has worked hard for this, and I am proud of him.

    3. I was privileged to serve as Presbytery Registrar for the 2010 Presbyterian Youth Triennium for Giddings-Lovejoy. What a joy THAT was! It had it's challenges, yes. But it was also a blessing in a million ways. (Note: I agreed to do this BEFORE a wedding was scheduled for October 2010. Have mercy!)

    4. I survived 2010. Considering that we dang near broke the stress scale with everything that was happening in our world, survival is a blessing. I. am. not. kidding.

    5. I celebrated Donny Osmond's birthday with the other Presbytery youthworkers. C'mon ... you had to know that was coming ..... ;o) BTW ... where were YOU that day?????

    Hopes and dreams for 2011 ...

    1. To be healthier by Dec. 31st. Eat carbs less. Exercise more. You know ... the usual, only this time, I at least have a running start ...

    2. Scrapbook four hours a week for my emotional health ... and because I am certain that scrapbooking is the storytelling of today that quilting was of my grandmother's day ... and stories are meant to be told.

    3. Be intentional about communication and time with my immediate family.

    4. Take time to be with friends.

    5. Give God more attention.