Thursday, January 6, 2011


"Have you had an epiphany lately? It is January 6!...Epiphany, from the Greek, means 'to shine upon,' 'to reveal,' 'to appear, manifest.'"
~2011 Mission Yearbook for Prayer and Study

in the church Epiphany is the celebration of the Wise Men arriving at the manger. supposedly the Sages took two years to arrive at the stable. now, if i was Mary, i would have packed up Joseph and the baby and hopped back on that donkey and gotten the bleep out of there. no way i would stay in a stable for 2 years. so i think the writes of Luke's gospel took some liberties with the timeline of the story. but accuracy or no, the arrival of the Wise Men was a big deal. after following that star, the baby was made manifest to the Sages. they saw him and his majesty was revealed.

i can't say i've had an epiphany lately. it seems like i should have. isn't there always an epiphany you can call upon to make things easier? shouldn't there be an epiphany on the horizon? honestly, i don't see one in my immediate future. i guess that's why it's called an epiphany. you don't know it's coming.

today is Epiphany. the day baby Jesus is made manifest to shine upon the world.

i haven't got some big hoo-ha/theological/religious/meaningful thoughts to share.
i'm taking down the tree and putting away the ornaments.
i'm going to talk chris into making sweet bread for a king cake to kick off the season of Mardi Gras.
i'm going to fold laundry and take the kids to dance.

thinking more about it, maybe taking liberties with the timeline isn't such a bad idea--assuming an infant and a donkey aren't involved. maybe an epiphany is on my horizon. i hope so.

so happy Epiphany everyone. i hope you are able to find light shining upon you.

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