Friday, March 25, 2011

and now for hte happy post of the day: REUNION

one of the best times in my life is the years chris and i were youth advisors at First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood, MO. we had more fun with this amazing group of young people that one is allowed to have.

we met with this group for over 5 years on sunday nights. we went on retreats with them. we went on ski trips with them, we spent two weeks with them every summer at "work camp" where we spent time doing construction projects for people whose lives we couldn't imagine.

but the beauty of those two weeks was that we learned more from the homeowners we served. they told us their stories. they showed us their faith. they changed us in ways more profound than i could every find the words to share.

as a parent now, as a parent of a daughter old enough to go on "work camp" herself, i value those young people more than ever. they taught me to be a parent. they taught me how to be a friend to them without crossing the line from parental role. most of ll, they taught me how to make a safe place for a young person to be the child of God they were created to be.

in may we will be having a reunion, organized by the youth. and i can't wait. many of these wonderful adults have joined together to plan a parents only saturday night and sunday family day. did i mention i can't wait?

the last time i saw many of these people was at jane's wedding, nearly 8 years ago. did i mention i can't wait?

so ill keep you all posted about the progress of this amazing event!

so work campers, we're all in it together--always will be.
i love you all so much!

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